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About the Artist

Kerstin Lankey (26) first discovered her keen interest and natural talent for art, colouring and drawing as a child with her Father, who encouraged her to experiment with colour, blending, texture and light and think unconventionally when it came to artistic expression. A pastel painting of a peach at the tender age of 5 was Kerstin’s earliest piece of work which showed all the hallmarks of the talent to come. Throughout her childhood, Kerstin developed her skill, supported by her school teachers when studying GCSE Art, and her father who kept encouraging her talent to the surface. 


 Leaving school, Kerstin developed her talent and taught herself to a high level in the complex realm of 3D computer art and became a 3D graphic Artist. Working for graphic design and Augmented Reality company, many 3D graphic art projects were completed for household names. 


After spending 18 months working as a 3D Artist, Kerstin realised this is not where her heart is and made the brave decision to quit her job and pursue what she loves; and through art - positively impact people’s lives.


  "It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them.They went out and happened to things." - Da Vinci

Kerstin loves animals of all species and specialises in pet portraits, capturing the particular nuances of owners’ pets with incredible, uncanny accuracy and verve. Pet and  portraits of loved ones are something close to all our hearts but Kerstin will capture that special moment in a unique way.


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