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Bespoke Artwork commissioned by Local Coffee House

My biggest project to date has now been completed and is up on center of display in the local coffee house in Spalding - Taylors Coffee House!

This piece of artwork was a challenge and took approximately 110 hours. The lovely owners of Taylors Coffee House, Wendy and James, have been a great encouragement to me to develop my business since they heard me talking about my passion for art whilst enjoying a coffee in there in July.

They helped me to realise that I should follow my dream to become an Artist and just go and do it, rather than sit talking about it. Something clicked that day and that was when I seriously started thinking about making this my full time career. I continue to thank them for giving me the push and telling me to think of reasons why I can do it, because now I enjoy my work everyday and I spend time doing what I love.

They recently commissioned this piece from me to have as a centerpiece of the wall in their shop. I am very pleased with the outcome and to have my work displayed permanently in public!



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